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Video Conference Calls

Beyond all the bells and whistles LifeSize Software is state of the art in that bad connections and fuzzy views are not a part of the experience. Skype and other freeware conference solutions are no comparison to the lucid experience of a LifeSize conference call.

Video Conference Features

There are currently three main types of video conference solutions: streaming, point-to-point and multi-point.

Point-To-Point Calls

Point to point conference calls involve involve standard communication between two points (or caller locations).

Multi-point calls

In multi-point video conferencing there are three or more people or locations during the same call. One person can connect from home, while others are in the office and still other locations could join in via tablet or smartphone.

streaming video Conferencing

During your video conference call others who need be privy to the meeting or information can view the entire conference call via video link.They can even access the meeting at a later date or time.

LifeSize Video Conferencing 

LifeSize is the premier video conferencing solution for corporations and small business alike. If your company can thrive on a strong telepresence, LifeSize Video Conferencing is the best and most cost effective solution for you.

industries Currently using Video Conferencing:

Think you have little use for a business grade video conferencing system? Think again. Customers from these industries make use of LifeSize video conferencing whether their business is a small national media company or a global manufacturing corporation.